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That added bit of will power you need

What if you’re not yet ready to permanently delete that contact but you need a little bit of help to keep from using it or from using it too often? DON'T is your answer.

We’ve all done it... hit send on a text we shouldn’t have sent or snapped again when we shouldn’t have or made that late night call to the Ex we promised ourselves we wouldn’t or checked out that social media page one last time after we swore we were done doing so.


How it Works

DON'T is an app that manages your contact list in advance so that the temptation is gone to reach out to someone again (or too often or when you’re in no condition to do so). Any phone can block someone from contacting you. But what if you need help to not contact someone else? DON'T is your solution.

After all, if you’re certain you are done with someone, it’s easy right? You could just block them so they can’t reach out to you anymore or delete their contact information to rid yourself of the temptation to reach out to them. Easy. But that is pretty permanent and life isn’t always so black and white. Sometimes you just want to limit your ability to reach out while still welcoming the chance to hear from them.

DON'T says the only way you are going to speak to that person is if that person initiates the contact. It does so by hiding a contact’s information so you can’t call them, text them, message them, or look up their social media. But here’s the great thing – because the contact info is still hidden within our app – that contact can still contact you and their name will still appear when they do.

From there, how you handle it is up to you. When a "DON'T-ed" contact has reached out to you, you are now free to respond to them as normal. You can answer the call. You can text back and forth as long as that string stays open. Based on how that communication goes, you then have the option to leave them "DON'T-ed" or "Rekindle" so that the contact info is added back into your address book.